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Single Use Bag Additions

The solids addition process for chemical reactors can be a complicated and very dangerous process. Due to the presence of solvents, there is often a potentially explosive environment within vessel. The addition of dry solids introduces risk of static discharge and entrained oxygen which completes the highly dangerous fire trial and risk of a major deflagration event at the manway. Rheo offers many options for safe solids addition into your chemical reactor.

Utilizing Single Use Bags can offer significant advantages in vessel charging applications when the goal is to perform a closed transfer and simply dispose of the container after use, saving the user the hassle and time of cleaning. There are a number of closed connection configurations, the SoliValve®100 is a unique technology providing users with an Alpha-Beta cone valve. The make/break design creates a fast, safe, and contained connection and disconnection when adding powders to the vessel. The SoliValve® also has dosing capabilities, allowing materials to be automatically added according to the recipe requirements.

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+/- 1g
Dosing Accuracy

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up to 50 kg/minute
Product Transfer Time

Single Use Bag

Rheo Flexibles provides a wide range of single use transfer containers. The RheoPac family of products offer an excellent alternative to stainless intermediate transfer containers. The RheoPac can be designed with many valve and bag design configurations.


The RheoPac can be equipped with an integrated SoliValve® passive that will allow the RheoPac to dock to Visval SoliValve® dosing technology. This SoliValve® technology uses a split cone valve to provide automatic docking and high containment during powder transfer from the RheoPac to the receiving container.

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