Hazardous Area Label Printer

Hazardous Area Label Printer

The Rheo Hazardous Area Label Printer provides a safe GMP system for process-related label printing within a hazardous rated environment. This enclosure is under continuous purge to prevent a hazardous environment within the printer chamber. This system can be configured for a variety of thermal label printer models and can be provided as a bench top unit, on a mobile trolley, or as a wall mount unit.


The Rheo Hazardous Area Label Printer has several benefits when implemented in the manufacturing process:

  • Fast, Accessible Label Printing in Hazardous Areas
  • Printer can be Positioned at the Packaging Operation
  • Easy Label Change-Out with Slide-Out Tray
  • Auto-Cutting Slotted Label Discharge (no door opening required for access to printed label)
  • Fully Integrated Safety Interlocks
Hazardous Area Label Printer

Relief Valve

Slotted Printed Label Discharge

Slide-Out Printer Tray


Safe Ethernet Connection

(not shown in image)

Compressed Air Supply

(not shown in image)

Safe/Sealed Power Pass-Through

(not shown in image)


automatic printer shut-down when door opens or pressure drops below safe level


The purging process begins before the printer is started to ensure the proper air change has occurred in the chamber. The chamber maintains a consistent positive pressure throughout the printing operations while a relief valve helps monitor the chamber’s pressure. Built-in safety interlocks trigger a shutdown in the case of a loss of power or pressure. The simple connection of clean compressed air provides the necessary utility for the purge.

Available in X Purge or Z Purge.

Printer Models

The Rheo Hazardous Area Label Printer Enclosure works with a wide range of printer models including:

  • Zebra ZT400 Series
  • Zebra ZT200 Series
  • Honeywell Datamax Mark II

Reach out to your Regional Sales Manager to discuss enclosure customization to accommodate additional printer models.

Hazardous Area Label Printer

Common Specifications

Enclosure stainless steel purged enclosure
Material of Construction 304 stainless steel
Surface Finish 35 µin [0.89 µm] Ra
Utility Electric: 120VAC, 60 Hz
compressed air requirements are dependent on purge type and enclosure size
Features available for Type X or Z purge
ethernet connectivity
din-rail mounted outlet and terminal block
optional remote I/O capability for monitoring purge status
Printer thermal label printer with thermal transfer ribbon or direct thermal print on label stock
automatically cuts and holds label in discharge chute
accommodates labels up to 6″ wide
flexible to fit most industrial thermal label printers


  • Class I is for a flammable gas, vapor, or liquid.
  • Class II is for a combustible dust.
  • Class III is for ignitable fibers and flyings.
  • Division 1 covers flammable substances that are continually present or are likely to exist under normal operating circumstances.
  • Division 2 covers flammable substances that are not likely to exist under normal operating circumstances.

Reduces Class I or II, Division 1 to non-hazardous.

Reduces Class I or II, Division 2 to non-hazardous.

Yes, Rheo provides an option for a NEMA 4X washdown rated enclosure.

Turn the power switch to off and open the door. Pull the printer tray out and change the roll per the operators manual. Push the printer back into place and close the door. Run air exchange cycles to purge the unit; turn the printer back on once the cycles are complete.

Hazardous Area Label Printer - Left
Hazardous Area Label Printer - Front
Hazardous Area Label Printer - Right