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Spray Device

The Retractable Spray Device provides high pressure spray coverage for cleaning process areas that are in direct material flow. The retractable nozzle extends during the cleaning cycle, then partially retracts in order to flush the nozzle chamber prior to retraction.

Retractable Spray Device

Rheo Spray Devices offer integrated WIP/CIP solutions for equipment. A Spray Device typically uses pressurized water to rinse the inside surfaces of equipment that have been in contact with product, which typically have residual powder coating the surface. Some devices are designed to be permanent fixtures and remain attached to the equipment during product transfer. Other devices are only installed during the cleaning process and removed once the equipment has been thoroughly rinsed and cleaned.


Flow 8.5 gpm [32.2 lpm] @ 45 psi [3.1 bar]
Material of Construction 304 stainless steel non-product contact
316 stainless steel product contact
anodized aluminum actuator housing
Surface Finish Product Contact: 25 µin [0.64 µm] Ra with ground and polished welds
Non-Product Contact: 35 µin [0.89 µm] Ra with smooth welds
Utility Minimum Air Pressure: 90 psi [6.2 bar]
Recommended Water Pressure: 45 psi [3.1 bar]
Mounting 1.5in. Sanitary Ferrule Connection
Controls Proximity Sensor to verify full retraction
Optional second Proximity Sensor to verify full extension