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Lift Table

The pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industry introduces many complex and unique process challenges. These processes often require highly customized solutions to allow for safe, ergonomic, and productive workflows. Rheo specializes in fast turnaround, high quality, and compliant material handling solutions.

Put us on your speed dial. Rheo will partner with your process team and deliver a solution that works.

If you need a simple custom made stainless flange, or a highly sophisticated material handling system, Rheo has the team to deliver on time. Our engineering and in-house fabrication teams are ready to keep your process safe and on schedule.

Lift Table

Rheo can build a custom stainless steel lift table that is height adjustable. This simple solution allows for operators of different heights to work at the same workstation by simply adjusting the working height of the system. The table is available in a wide range of sizes.