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Repackaging (B)

Due to strict GMP requirements, some processes require that raw material is removed from a supplier drum (fiber-pack) and placed into a GMP container (stainless or plastic drums). This process is typically managed in a warehouse space and requires specialized equipment for lifting and dumping the incoming container as well as providing localized dust control.

Some repackaging operations also require a hand screening process to protect against foreign materials and oversized chunks of material. The Rheo Product Screener with its integrated Ventilation Sleeve provides a fast screening process with excellent dust control.

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Product Transfer Time

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Point Source Capture


Drum Tipper

Product Screener

The Rheo Product Screener provides a simple and GMP solution for security screening of powders. This design is ideal for the screening and repackaging of incoming raw materials as well as the point of discharge of blenders and dryers. With interchangeable screen sizes, a variable speed vibrator, and an integrated Rheo Ventilation Sleeve to capture dust, this device is a very versatile product for the important task of capturing foreign material.

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