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Rheo Flexibles is a division of Rheo Engineering that provides a full range of single use products, all designed and manufactured in-house using RheoFlex™ – our new film. This ensures that our flexibles meet the highest standards while seamlessly integrating with our material handling equipment.

The Rheo Flexibles website has additional information on each of the products below.

Single Use Bags

Rheo Flexibles provides a wide range of single use transfer containers. The RheoPac family of products offer an excellent alternative to stainless intermediate transfer containers. The  RheoPac can be designed with many valve and bag design configurations.

Continuous Liners

The Rheo Continuous Liner is an excellent pack-off solution for transferring materials from a work process into a transport container while maintaining a high-level of containment. These come in various sizes and can be configured to work with existing process equipment.