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High Containment Vessel Charging

For this project, Rheo designed and built a hard-wall containment isolator for use during a vessel charging process.  The client required the ability to transfer an agglomerated hazardous powder out of drums into vessel via an induction process.  Rheo provided a drum conditioner upstream of the process that was used to break up the agglomerated material enough to flow out of the drums.  Rheo also provided a Material Transfer Station [MTS] with rigid isolator and integrated crusher, which sized the agglomerations down to an appropriate size to enter the induction system.  Rheo provided an IKA CMX mixer that introduced the solids into solution via a recirculation process with the client vessel.  The IKA was installed in a pit below the MTS, allowing operators to ergonomically work at floor level, without requiring an elevated platform.


Rheo provided the controls for all the equipment, which the operator controlled from a touch screen Allen Bradley HMI.  Atmosphere control (O2 % and pressure) were managed in the isolator automatically via PID control loops.  A safety control system integrated the crusher and IKA motor controls into the main touch screen. All equipment was designed for use in a Class I & II, Division 2 area.  An integrated Drum Tipper allowed operators to accurately position drums for emptying material into the process equipment below.


Equipment was cleaned via clean-in-place retractable spray devices located in the isolator and funnel sections below, all draining into the IKA.  Rheo conducted a full FAT in which full riboflavin wash CIP testing was completed, and material was able to be transferred into the IKA and introduced into solution in the Rheo testing lab mix tank.