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Integration Services

Rheo can provide a complete turnkey package for your next material handling project. Our engineering and automation team designs, sources, and fabricates a complete system by integrating Rheo and OEM equipment. Our in house manufacturing allows us to quickly produce our Rheo products as well as make any modifications to ensure reliable integration of all process equipment.

Success is when it works; Rheo has you covered from concept design to installation and startup.

Engineering Services

Rheo has been innovating since our beginning in 1997. Our industry experience is demonstrated in our engineering process as we focus on delivering cost effective engineering controls.

The engineering team at Rheo utilizes the latest in engineering software and technology resources to design intuitive and effective products that integrate into the current process workspace.

Keeping a focus on operator centricity, a high level of creativity and innovation enables our team to engineer simplicity into an effective solution. By utilizing the latest in 3-D modeling technology, our engineers can quickly assess the spatial and process integration concerns as well as focus on the finest of mechanical details. Safety, cleaning, compliance, and many other factors are considered during the engineering process for each project.

Onsite engineering and project assessments are a routine service that our team can provide. Contact your regional sales manager to see how you can put our team to work for you.


Details Matter. In-house manufacturing capabilities at Rheo allows for complete control over product quality. Our highly skilled production team allows Rheo to not only design innovative solutions, but to also fabricate, integrate, and deliver this technology. Our in-house manufacturing allows our products to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • High Quality
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Operator Centric
  • GMP Compliance
  • Small Footprint
  • Process Integration

Testing Center

The Rheo Testing Center provides a convenient facility to conduct proof of concept services for various material handling processes. This allows Rheo to partner with our clients and establish the best design concepts for handling a wide range of powders. This controlled environment also allows us to verify performance of the various containment controls that are integrated into our designs.

Customer Service

Complete client satisfaction is our number one priority. At Rheo we recognize that our future relies on satisfied clients that have realized success in their project because of our efforts. This is evident in the dedicated level of service that is woven into the fabric of our company. During each step of the project, our team maintains a focus on the end result. This focus drives the decisions and communications from the early assessments phase to the post start-up phase.

Timeliness is critical and we commit to a prompt and responsive customer service department. Do not take our word for it, ask your regional sales manager to put you into contact with some of our satisfied clients.