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Bulk Bag Unloading Station

Bulk bags can be an efficient and cost effective supply source for incoming raw materials and transfer of intermediates. However, bulk bags can introduce many material handling challenges that can be mitigated with proper engineering and design configurations. Proper safety interlocks, bulk bag conditioning, transfer chute connections, product sizing, and bag collapsing are all common challenges that must considered when designing a bulk bag unloading station. Rheo offers a well-designed modular system that can be configured to your process.

Rheo will supply a complete bulk bag unloading system that can connect to a variety of transfer modes. Common transfer systems include: vacuum conveyance, gravity feed-chutes, powder dispersers, and screw conveyors.

If you need to QS a portion of a drum or bag, we can provide an integrated weighing option.

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100 μg/m³

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350 kgs/minute
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Rheo Bulk Bag Unloading Station for bulk material transfer

Bulk Bag Unloading Station

Rheo Bulk Bag Unloading Stations are designed to solve your specific process problems. Each bulk bag unloading application is unique and brings its own set of challenges that our team can help you navigate through. We have developed several modular design options that can be used as a foundation to build on in order to create a design that ultimately solves your process problems. The configurator on the product page (link below) provides an overview of the various standard configurations, but ultimately we want to build upon these designs and work with you to not just sell you a product, but to sell you a solution that optimizes your critical project metrics.

Rheo - Containment Equipment - Air Filtration Unit

Air Filtration Unit (Supporting Product)

Rheo offers a complete line of portable and stationary Air Filtration Units that provide a local HEPA filtration device to serve Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems. The Rheo Air Filtration Unit is designed to meet the utility requirements of multiple Rheo Ventilation Sleeves; it is also a good fit for any application with similar extraction utility requirements.

Each system is configured to comply with international electrical standards. The GMP compliant design features a small footprint and noise rating of 76 dBa. Safe Change filters and activated carbon filters for VOC’s are also available.

Rheo Air Filtration Units are a cost effective alternative to upgrading house exhaust systems that have become over utilized or where there is a need to prevent the contamination of the house exhaust system ducting.

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