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Coating (B)

Many tablets are coated using a long established pan coating technology. This often require tablets that are stored in drum or bags to be lifted and transferred into the front of the pan coater. The tablet coater Drum Tipper has a specially designed funnel that guides the table into the coating pan as the drum is being tipped. This small footprint system works well in tight space coating suites.

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15 seconds
Drum Tipping

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200 kg

Drum Tipper

The Rheo Drum Tipper addresses the ergonomic risk factors associated with manually dumping drums. Each Drum Tipper is designed to meet the specific requirements of the application (drum weight, discharge height, discharge reach, etc.). The drum cradle of each Drum Tipper can be configured to match unique characteristics of the equipment it will serve. For example, directing tablets to the interior of a coating machine.

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