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Disperser Recirculation System

Utilizing an integrated product disperser, Rheo supplies an easy to use workstation for transfer dry solids into a recirculating solvent stream. This provides an alternative to manway additions, and comes in three containment configurations.

This set-up can be configured for small bag-stock or drums using our Material Transfer Station.

We can also provide an active nitrogen inerting system to maintain less than 8% oxygen during the solids addition process. Ask about our cleanable, nitrogen venturi system for a fully inerted product addition.

If you are need to QS a portion of a drum or bag, we can provide an integrated weighing option.

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Oxygen Concentration in Vessel

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150 kg/minute
Product Transfer Time

Material Transfer Station

The portable Rheo Material Transfer Station features a small footprint that optimizes ergonomics and containment associated with dispensing operations. The integrated Drum Tipper and assortment of interchangeable modules can be configured to achieve containment levels of less than 1 μg/m³. The Material Transfer Station can be configured to dispense and weigh to a wide range of container types (drums, single use bags, pails, etc.) and sizes. The Material Transfer Station allows for integration with process equipment (Comils, Screeners, Crushers, etc.) as well split valve systems (ChargePoint, Buck, EziDock).

This Material Transfer Station is configured with an integrated screener.

Rheo - Containment Equipment - Air Filtration Unit

Air Filtration Unit

Rheo offers a complete line of portable and stationary Air Filtration Units that provide a local HEPA filtration device to serve Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems. The Rheo Air Filtration Unit is designed to meet the utility requirements of multiple Rheo Ventilation Sleeves; it is also a good fit for any application with similar extraction utility requirements.

Each system is configured to comply with international electrical standards. The GMP compliant design features a small footprint and noise rating of 76 dBa. Safe Change filters and activated carbon filters for VOC’s are also available.

Rheo Air Filtration Units are a cost effective alternative to upgrading house exhaust systems that have become over utilized or where there is a need to prevent the contamination of the house exhaust system ducting.

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