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Drum Conditioner for Weigh & Dispense Process

Certain raw materials, such as salts and other crystalline products, can cake into a hardened mass that is nearly impossible to remove from their storage container. This often occurs when product is stored for extended periods of time.

As an alternative to manually impacting the container with a mallet, the Rheo Drum Conditioner offers a highly automated, recipe based system that mitigates the risk of operator injury and improves productivity.

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Drum Conditioner

Rheo Drum Conditioners provide a safe and reliable means of conditioning hardened product still within their storage containers. The breakup of hardened product allows for easier product flow out of the drums later in the manufacturing process.

The Drum Conditioner is designed to meet the facility’s electrical classification and is available in fully automated and programmable configurations.

Drum Cart (Supporting Product)

Rheo Drum Carts allow drums to be easily moved from one location to another. Drum Carts are ideal for environments where GMP compliance is a priority. Integrated scales are available to allow drums to be weighed while on the cart. Stainless rollers are also available to help facilitate the transfer of drums to and from pallets.