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Product Sampling

Incoming raw materials often need to have small amounts of product removed to comply with incoming quality standards.

In order to safely remove this product in a way that does not expose the operator to dangerous airborne dust or vapors, Rheo offers a customized containment system that controls the OEL to the required level.

Ask your local account manager to design the right equipment package for your process.

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Point Source Capture

Wall Mount Ventilation Sleeve

The Rheo Ventilation Sleeve provides localized dust extraction to capture airborne dust and vapor. The full perimeter slot design provides 360 degrees of extraction to ensure that the required capture velocity is achieved across the entire opening of the Ventilation Sleeve. Each Ventilation Sleeve is engineered to interface with the equipment it serves.

Drum Mover

Rheo Drum Movers are designed to engage with drums of all types (fiber, plastic, and steel). The Drum Mover allows for the lifting and transportation of heavy drums anywhere within a manufacturing facility. There are various attachments that can be easily interchanged on the Drum Mover. The Chime Gripper design has a clamp that uses the drum weight to securely tighten against the drum chime. The Side Gripper design uses grippers that close securely on the drum before lifting. For effortless push-pull motions, a battery powered wheel drive can be integrated for complete powder handling.

Drum Cart (Supporting Product)

Rheo Drum Carts allow drums to be easily moved from one location to another. Drum Carts are ideal for environments where GMP compliance is a priority. Integrated scales are available to allow drums to be weighed while on the cart. Stainless rollers are also available to help facilitate the transfer of drums to and from pallets.

Rheo - Containment Equipment - Air Filtration Unit

Air Filtration Unit (Supporting Product)

Rheo offers a complete line of portable and stationary Air Filtration Units that provide a local HEPA filtration device to serve Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems. The Rheo Air Filtration Unit is designed to meet the utility requirements of multiple Rheo Ventilation Sleeves; it is also a good fit for any application with similar extraction utility requirements.

Each system is configured to comply with the electrical classifications specific to North America and Europe. The GMP compliant design features a small footprint and noise rating of 76 dBa. BIBO filter change out and activated carbon filters for VOC’s are also available.

Rheo Air Filtration Units are a cost effective alternative to upgrading house exhaust systems that have become over utilized or where there is a need to prevent the contamination of the house exhaust system ducting.