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Tablet Printing (B)

Tablet printing requires gentle handling of tablets as they are introduced into the printing machine fill hopper. Rheo offers a Drum Inverter solution that places the drum of tablets over the fill hopper to allow a flood feed of tablets. This system is supplied with a tablet friendly control valve to control the flow of tablets into the hopper.

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30 seconds
Drum Tipping

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200 kg

Drum Inverter Rheo material handling equipment

Drum Inverter

The Rheo Drum Inverter features a very robust and portable design that allows operators to lift and position drums above tall applications. Custom options on the Drum Inverter allow it to accommodate a wide variety of applications. A variety of compression cone designs are available to allow the Drum Inverter to be used with a range of drum diameters. The optional empty assist feature addresses the issues associated with powders trapped in the folds of the drum liner during inversion.

The Mobile Drum Inverter can accommodate a wide range of drum diameters and heights.

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