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Tray Drying (A)

Tray dryer technology is a long established drying process that requires a lot of tedious and potentially hazardous product handling. There are two challenging material handling processes associated with tray dryers and Rheo offers a solution for both processes:

Drum Emptying onto Trays: The Side Mount Drum Tipper lifts the drum into an ergonomic position allowing the operator to easily pull the wet-cake onto the product tray. An integrated tray holder provides an easy way to hold the tray as it is being filled. The open side of the holder allows the tray to be easily slid off and into the dryer cart.

Tray Emptying: once the drying process is complete, the tray is placed on the tray holder and the dust extraction hood is flipped above the tray to capture airborne dust. The tray holder is then actuated to flip down and the powder is emptied into a receiving drum. The integrated hood provides localize dust extraction.

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30 seconds
Drum Tipping

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150 kg

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Side Mount Drum Tipper

The Rheo Drum Tipper addresses the ergonomic risk factors associated with manually dumping drums. Each Drum Tipper is designed to meet the specific requirements of the application (drum weight, discharge height, discharge reach, etc.). The Side Mount configuration allows the operator to easily access the drum opening during the process.

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