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Wash Rack Lift for Washing Room

Washing and cleaning of the many pieces of process equipment is a very challenging and yet critical process for a cGMP manufacturing site. Lifting and handling the various components can create ergonomic hazards that can be mitigated with some properly designed handling equipment. Valve change-out and inspection of bins/ibc’s can be an ergonomically challenging process. Rheo offers many customized tools to help reduce the risk of injury during these tasks.

Fast Track products form Rheo - Wash Rack

Wash Rack Lift

The Wash Rack Lift is able to lift a rack full of glassware from floor level up to place in an autoclave. The lifting tray includes a clip-in receiver to prevent the wash rack from sliding off the tray when it was being moved into position. This machine addresses a common industry problem of handling heavy glassware racks safely.