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Buffer Prep System

For this project, Rheo designed and fabricated an integrated system to carry out the milling of salts (drum and bag stock) as they were charged to a buffer preparation tank. This turn-key system featured an Operator Platform, a Variable Height Drum Tipper, a custom Dump Station, a Frewitt Mill, a Vacuum Conveyance System, and an integrated control system.

The Operator Platform is designed to provide a safe, ergonomic space for an operator to control all processes during the product transfer.

The Variable Height Drum Tipper lifts, tilts, and slides a drum into the drum port on the Dump Station.

The Dump Station provides a safe and contained transfer of salts from the drums through the Frewitt mill, which ensures the salts are milled to the desired particle size. An integrated blower with HEPA filtration is used to maintain negative pressure on the Dump Station during transfer.

The Vacuum Conveyance System pulls product away from the mill and into the receiving vessel.

The Dump Station and mill are equipped with CIP spray nozzles to ensure all product contact surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. The Vacuum Conveyance System can be cleaned simply by pulling the solution through the hose and into the receiving vessel.

An integrated control system provides all the necessary interlocks and controls so that each piece of equipment can work together safely.