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High Containment Sampling Material Transfer Station

This is a Material Transfer Station [MTS] with a Rigid Glovebox, designed and built by Rheo to maintain containment below 10 µg/m3.

This custom MTS is designed to be used in a dispensing operation to provide for a contained transfer of materials out of a mother drum to be weighed into several receiving drums. A separate flow hood is attached to the side of the glovebox for taking samples using a bench scale.

Drums are loaded into the back of the glovebox using an integrated Drum Tipper. An onboard double-HEPA filtered fan is used to maintain containment in the flow hood and glovebox by pulling a laminar flow across the openings.

A sample can be taken from the drum and measured out on a bench scale located in the flow hood. After the sample is taken, product can be transferred within the glovebox into the receiving drum, which is positioned on integrated load cells. The drum can be filled to the desired weight, which is shown on the scale readout.

Glovebox pressure and humidity are monitored using gauges on the front control panel to ensure the glovebox environment is controlled during the material transfer process.

The MTS is run off of 90 psi clean, compressed air and a standard 120V electrical connection.


High Containment Sampling Material Transfer Station rendering

High Containment Sampling Material Transfer Station image Rheo