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EHS Solutions is now Rheo Engineering

EHS Solutions introduces a new name for our company – Rheo Engineering. Rheo, a Greek prefix meaning “flow,”

truly reflects what we’re best at: designing and building engineering systems for material flow.

What Changed?

Over the past three decades, we have grown from a safety solution provider into a comprehensive material handling and process technology company. Safety and containment are part of our DNA and are core to our design process, but we have grown beyond safety solutions.

Over the years, we have developed a very broad range of material handling products and turnkey process systems for our customers. We have demonstrated competency in machine design, automation, and process development. This has driven our growth and allowed us to invest in a much more advanced Testing Center and a much larger manufacturing facility.

Rheo Engineering is a name that captures who we have become. Success is when it works, and we are excited to carry this reputation into the future with our new name: Rheo Engineering.

Who We Are Now


Process Focused

Our team is solution-oriented and is focused on understanding where our systems fit into the overall manufacturing process.


Vertically Integrated

We have an experienced team of Project Managers, Engineers, Fabricators, and Mechanics that enable us to control project schedule and equipment quality.


Proven Technologies

Technologies developed in-house, along with a strong OEM network allows us to offer plant-wide solutions and integrated process systems.

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EHS began as a solution provider for process safety challenges within the API manufacturing environment. We have since expanded our portfolio to offer plant wide material handling solutions and process technology support to our customers.

Safety is in our DNA. Our safety and IH background have formed our design culture. Safety has always been, and always will be a core requirement of our design criteria.

Rheo is the Greek word for flow. It’s a prefix for the word rheology (the study of the flow of materials). As we looked at what our company has grown into, the word Rheo really made a lot of sense. We have become a team of people that apply rheological engineering into every project we engage with. We help our customers with the many challenges of powder and liquid flow; Rheo Engineering simply made sense.

At Rheo Engineering we have 3 core functions: Consult, Design, and Build. These three core functions are what allow us to be a valuable partner to our customers. We fulfil the full meaning of the word engineering: applied science. Our in-house fabrication and mechanical integrators have allowed us to expand our project scope to include complete turnkey solutions for our clients. Our on-site Testing Center allows for both dry and wet testing to establish design confidence in our proposed process solutions. We truly apply the science of Rheology, from design to construction and testing.

Conglomerations of fine particle solids, along with the gaseous space between them and to a lesser extent the encompassed moisture, make up what is simply known as “powder”. This three-phasic system of matter is anything but simple.

Powder is used in nearly every industry where products are made, if not as the final product, then as raw material or an intermediate part of the manufacturing process. In all cases, powder must be handled efficiently and effectively to keep the process running smoothly and ensure a quality product. Without properly considering the multitude of powder characteristics, manufacturing process parameters, and environmental variables, the outcome will most likely be just the opposite. A few of the common issues with powder processing and handling are shown in the image to the right. Applying powder rheology will prevent these problems from occurring and can be used to fix issues already present. But what is powder rheology?

Powder rheology is a phenomenological approach which considers internal and external influences to characterize powder behavior in specific applications.

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