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Air Filtration Unit

Rheo now offers a complete line of portable and stationary Air Filtration Units that provide a local HEPA filtration device to serve Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems. The Rheo Air Filtration Unit is designed specifically for our Ventilation Sleeves; it is also a good fit for any application with similar extraction utility requirements. The Rheo Air Filtration Unit product line is engineered and built to order to suit your application, with many different options and configurations available.

The Rheo engineering team uses our design software and evaluation process to establish the proper air flow and duct size to ensure that your LEV will work effectively. You can contact your local account manager to set up a project evaluation meeting with one of our engineers.

Rheo manufacturers and assembles our Air Filtration Units in the United States. Declarations of conformity for local machinery directive compliance ships with every unit and can be made available upon request.

The Air Filtration Unit is commonly used when an existing house system is inadequate to provide the required flow for an application or to prevent the contamination of the house exhaust system when handling toxic compounds. It can also serve as a back-up option to continue operations when the house exhaust system is down for maintenance.

Rheo Air Filtration Unit base model with specs

How the Air Filtration Unit Works

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Air Filtration Unit with features called out

Clean Air Outlet

Filter Housing

pre-filter and HEPA filter


stainless steel paneling removed for component visibility

Dirty Air Inlet

Motor Starter

Magnehelic Gauges

for filter loading

Sound Attenuator


ducted to sound attenuator


Stainless Steel Paneling

removed for component visibility

Air Filtration Unit horizontal orientation

Key Features and Options

  • Orientation: The Air Filtration Unit can be configured in a vertical or horizontal orientation depending on space constraints. Both portable and fixed mount options are available.
  • Sound Attenuator: Reduces noise levels of the blower for situations when the exhaust is diffused in the surrounding environment.
  • 304 or 316L Stainless Steel GMP Shrouding: Suitable for applications when the Air Filtration Unit is in a GMP environment and placement in an adjacent technical area is not feasible. Louvered panels allow for non-disruptive recirculation of air in the surrounding environment.
  • Hazardous Locations: The Air Filtration Unit can be configured for North American hazardous locations as well as ATEX Zone 2/22 environments. Properly-rated blower motors, motor starters, and control systems ensure that your unit will meet your compliance needs.


Control Options

  • Start/Stop Blower Motor Starter: Simplest control option that allows the Air Filtration Unit flow rate to be controlled via manual slide gate valve.
  • Variable Frequency Drive: For applications where a variable speed motor on the Air Filtration Unit is necessary.
  • Powered Diverter Valves: Local or remote controls toggle the extraction air between multiple duct runs (primarily for applications where multiple Ventilation Sleeves are being powered by the same Air Filtration Unit).
  • Magnehelic Pressure Gauge Panel: Allows filter capacity monitoring and can be located on the body of the Air Filtration Unit or placed in a remote location.

Air Control Options diagram using Air Filtration Unit by Rheo

Rendering displaying Air Filtration Unit filter options Rheo

Filtration Options

  • MERV 14 Pre-Filter
  • 99.99% HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arrestance)
  • Double HEPA Configuration (two HEPA filters in series): for applications where a redundant HEPA is required.
  • HEGA (high-efficiency gas absorber): for applications where vapor needs to be removed from the airstream.
  • Bag-In Bag-Out Filter Housing (available for Pre-Filter, HEPA, and HEGA)

Turnkey Solutions

  • Not all applications are the same, and the Rheo Air Filtration Unit is not a one-size-fits-all product. Each system we build is customized to meet the needs of your application.
  • Our engineering team will take into account not only airflow requirements for the system, but also space constraints for the filter housing, GMP concerns, existing utility systems, and custom control arrangements.
  • Rheo can provide controls, flexible ducting, diverter valves, airflow monitoring solutions, and required fittings along with the Air Filtration Unit for a complete extraction package, engineered and build to order for your Ventilation Sleeve or other application.

Full turnkey solution for Air Filtration Unit

Rheo offers multiple surface finished for GMP compliance. See the options side by side.

Surface Finish

Rheo offers several different Surface Finish options to fit your application needs.

Visit our GMP Compliance page to learn more.