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Common Specifications [customized per application]

Load Capacity 770 lbs [350 kg]
Material of Construction 304 stainless steel
Surface Finish Product Contact Area: 25 µin [0.64 µm] Ra with ground and polished welds
Non-Product Contact Area: 35 µin [0.89 µm] Ra with smooth welds as laid
Utility 24 VDC Battery (includes 120 VAC, 15 A charger)
Manual Utility Option Available if Scale is Removed
Hazardous Rating configurable for use in Hazardous Locations: Class I Divisions 1 and 2 [ATEX Zones 1 and 2] or Class II Divisions 1 and 2 [ATEX Zones 21 and 22]

The Rheo Stainless Steel Drum Cart


The drum cart is constructed of 304 stainless steel and has an orbital surface finish. Higher-grade stainless and surface finish options are available upon request.


Ergonomically position handles allow the operator to easily move a drum from one location to another. Four swivel casters allow the Drum Cart to be moved in any direction.

The Drum Cart by Rheo was designed to be ergonomic for the operator

Integrated Weighing Option

This option allows for drums to be weighed while on the Drum Cart, eliminating the tedious step of loading a drum onto a scale.

The load cells and readout are battery powered and capable of full wash-down. An integrated charger for the weighing system is included.

Drum Dolly

The stainless steel Drum Dolly is autoclave compliant and is designed to remove all flat spots to prevent standing water. The size and capacity of the Drum Dolly can be customized to work with any drum.