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Rheo Flexibles is a division of Rheo Engineering that provides a full range of single use products, all designed and manufactured in-house using RheoFlex™ – our new film. This ensures that our flexibles meet the highest standards while seamlessly integrating with our material handling equipment.

The Rheo Flexibles website has additional information on each of the products below.

Single Use Bags

Rheo Flexibles provides a wide range of single use transfer containers. The RheoPac family of products offer an excellent alternative to stainless intermediate transfer containers. The  RheoPac can be designed with many valve and bag design configurations.

Continuous Liners

The Rheo Continuous Liner is an excellent pack-off solution for transferring materials from a work process into a transport container while maintaining a high-level of containment. These come in various sizes and can be configured to work with existing process equipment.

Transfer Isolators

The Rheo Transfer Isolator is designed to allow operators to safely remove product from containers and transfer them into the next step of the process. This system is often integrated on to the Rheo Material Transfer Station.

The drum chute or side port allows the operator to bring in a raw material container with good ergonomics while maintaining high levels of containment.

Benchtop Isolators

The Rheo Benchtop Isolator can be configured with various glove arrangements and multiple chambers to allow for contained benchtop laboratory operations. These isolators can be equipped with sealed cord pass-through ports for bench-top weighing scales or other electrical/pneumatic utility connections.

Equipment Isolators

Rheo has managed the material handling requirements for many pharmaceutical operations. Our familiarity with the equipment used in these processes allows us to provide single use containment isolators around this equipment. Containing the dust at the source of generation is the first step in a proper containment strategy. Single use containment isolators can be a great option for containing dusty processes.

Sampling Isolators

Most incoming material is inspected for quality and material verification. This typically requires access to the contents of the incoming raw material container. This can present safety risks as the operator may come into contact with hazardous powders that can exceed allowable OELs. The Rheo Sampling Isolator with the height adjustable cart provides an excellent containment solution for this process.


As part of our containment services portfolio, Rheo offers a full service flexible technology option to provide high levels of containment for your process. Many accessories can be provided with our Transfer Isolators and Continuous Liners to create a complete high containment system.