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The SoliValve® overcomes the traditional issues encountered with the 30 years old traditional cone valve. The SoliValve® doses the material vertically from the storage container, allowing re-closing of partially empty vessels and changing to another ingredient without residual material in the dosing hopper.


Rheo is the only official partner of Visval for North America.



The SoliValve®250 allows fully automatic and contained handling of Bins (IBCs), big bags, containers, and drums. The SV250 can achieve containment levels of OEB 3-4 and can reach a dosing accuracy of +/- 100g.


The Rheo SoliStation is a compact piece of hardware that integrates the SoliValve®250, control panel, and load cell system over a discharge tube, typically installed above a receiving vessel on the floor below. The digital load cell system provides accurate dosing capability out of bulk bags or Rheo Bins. Rheo Bins or bulk bags are docked from above with a separate hoist system, which can be configured to serve multiple SoliStations.  The compact design allows for easy access with the SoliValve®250 WIP Hood (details below).

SoliValve®250 Wash in Place Hood

The Wash in Place (WIP) Hood is optional for the SoliValve®250. It allows the wet cleaning of the product contact surfaces inside the active valve unit.

Custom Hoist for WIP Hood

Rheo can fabricate a Custom Hoist for the WIP Hood to transport, raise, and lower the hood.

Bin Unloading Station

Rheo offers a Bin Unloading Station with an integrated SoliValve®250. It is a key component of a comprehensive bin (IBC) handling system which often incorporates dosing, integrated flow aids, and loss in weight load cells. Bin Unloading Stations are most commonly used for gravity feeding materials to process on the level below.

Bin Unloading Station


The SoliValve®100 is based on the same principles as the SV250. It allows for handling of solids in RheoPacs, pouches, bags, bottles, and small containers. The SV100 can achieve containment levels of OEB 5 and can reach a dosing accuracy of +/- 1g.

Integrated Project

Bulk Bag Handling System (SV250)

Rheo designed and built an integrated system for transferring a variety of materials from bulk bags into process vessels through an in-floor charge chute.

This turn-key system featured a Jib Crane, a Docking Station for Dosing via the SoliValve®250, an In-floor Chute, and an Integrated Control System.

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