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Bin Blender

The Rheo Bin Blender is a high quality robust machine that is designed to provide a homogeneous and efficient blend.

The benefits of the Rheo Bin Blender include:

  • Combined Handling and Blending Solution
  • High Containment Processing
  • Contained Product Quality
  • Parallel Processing
  • Modular Blending Bin Volumes

Integrated Material Handling System

We believe engineering the right material handling system is critical to ensuring process flow. Our expertise in equipment design allows us to offer a unique perspective when developing complex material handling processes. Bin (IBC) handling systems can often improve containment, product purity, and enhance productivity. Our team wants to collaborate with all the key stakeholders on your project to discuss the key design considerations and develop the best material handling system for your process.


Rheo Bin Blender

Powered Bin Clamping

Bins (IBCs) are automatically docked with powered cylinders. Pressure sensors ensure Bins are secured.

Robust Drive System

The electric drive system is enclosed in pedestal cabinet, designed for limited mechanical maintenance.

Automated Blending Recipes

The HMI uses pre-configured recipes for blend time, number of rotations, and rotation speed.

Variable Rotating Speed

Bin (IBC) rotation speed is controlled using a variable frequency drive; a touch-screen.

Various Bin Volumes

The Bin Blender arm can accommodate a range of Bin (IBC) sizes. Rheo offers a variety of standard Bin (IBC) designs and sizes to fit your process needs.


Rheo offers a wide range of standard Bin (IBC) sizes. Each Bin (IBC) is manufactured with the highest standards for welding and polishing, with large radius corners to allow for optimal cleaning.

Testing Center

Bulk powder handling can be a challenging process and there are many factors that lead to the optimal solution. We can handle the risk for you! The Rheo Testing Center provides a controlled environment where products can be tested to verify performance. Send your materials to our testing lab in Peoria, IL for testing with our demo Bin Blender. You can come on site to observe the testing or we can send video and/or a detailed report after the tests are complete.

Reach out to your Regional Sales Manager to discuss the testing of your next bulk powder handling project.

Control Options

The Bin Blender comes standard with a fully automated blending sequence controlled by a PLC with touchscreen HMI. The automated blending sequence is customized with the blend time, number of rotations, and rotation speed for each specific blend recipe to ensure repeatability.

Safety interlocks can be set up with gates or laser sensors to prevent any operation if an operator is within range of the Bin Blender.