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Floor Mount Vacuum Lift for Drum Handling

The Rheo Vacuum Lift is the simplest and most effective material handling solution for manipulating drums effortlessly in three dimensional space. The drum lid suction head is able to bond securely to drum lids while allowing ease of detachment when the operator is ready to pick up the next load. The floor-mounted articulating mast provides an excellent platform for effortless attachment and placement of loads within the range of the overhead jib. Running only on the power of vacuum, the lifter is designed to be safe to use in harsh environments and requires little to no maintenance.


In addition to building equipment specifically tailored to any application, Rheo ensures all vacuum lifters are built to handle a variety of loads. Interchangeable suction heads provide equipment flexibility across all material handling challenges. The Rheo Vacuum Lift can safely and effectively move a wide range of load types and weights, all while keeping the operator safe with an ergonomic material handling solution.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Rheo vacuum lifting system is built to withstand the harshest working conditions. With multiple integrated safety systems, our vacuum pumps, vacuum lifters, and vacuum lifting mounting systems can withstand more punishment than any current competitor offering. We build our systems to rigorous FDA compliant standards and thoroughly failure test our systems in our in-house testing facility.

Rheo vacuum pump systems are thermally managed to handle upwards of 600 seconds of full lifting load without overheating. Compare that to similar competitor offerings that recommend leaving a load attached for no more than 240 and 60 seconds respectively to prevent catastrophic failure to their pump systems. Our vacuum pump systems are designed for continuous use, and include multiple layers of protection to ensure your equipment investment remains safe and sound.

Designed for Cleanability

Designed specifically for use in GMP areas, the Rheo Vacuum Lift is as featureless as possible on the exterior to allow for quick cleaning and wipedowns. The Rheo Vacuum Lift is made of FDA compliant materials, built to withstand harsh cleaning procedures, and optimized for clean environment usage.

Operator Centric Controls

One-handed operation of heavy loads is a breeze with the adjustable operator controls on the Rheo Vacuum Lift. Dual adjustable set points for loaded and unloaded operation allow the lift to consistently return to operation-specific heights. Attachment and detachment from the load is designed to be intuitive.

Utility Enclosures

In addition to the standard utility space located vacuum system, Rheo offers an upgraded utility cart for placement inside the GMP area. The mobile cart is designed for complete washdown, minimal footprint, and easy maintenance. The enclosure is thermally managed to prevent damage to the pump from overheating or heavy- duty usage.