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MTS - Flexible Containment with Vaccum Conveyance

Vacuum Conveyance Transfer with Flexible Glovebag

The Rheo Material Transfer Station is a small footprint workstation that improves operator safety and efficiency during the material transfer and weighing process. The operator workstation with the integrated drum tipper provides a compact, GMP, ergonomic means of transferring material.

The Material Transfer Station with Flexible Glovebag Containment is designed for highly contained, closed transfers for highly toxic products and APIs. Containment levels of 5-0.01 µg/m3 can be achieved via the integrated flexible isolator system.

Rheo has conducted performance verification tests on the Material Transfer Station. The tests showed excellent results for each of the different configurations tested. Copies of the executive summary, full reports, and supplemental documentation are available upon request.

The Vacuum Conveyance configuration is used to transfer materials from drums to another vessel using a vacuum hose. The Material Transfer Station can utilize any vacuum source and delivers a complete package that addresses ergonomics, containment, and inerting concerns often associated with material transfer systems.

Rheo can provide the entire material transfer package including the vacuum pump and receivers or we can utilize your existing vacuum system to deliver a more ergonomic and contained dump station. The Material Transfer Station with Vacuum Conveyance can also be used to pull product directly into an evacuated process vessel so that a separate receiver is not required.


The Material Transfer Station with Flexible Glovebag Containment has several benefits when implemented in the manufacturing process:  

  • Ergonomic Product Transfer
  • Quick Deployment
  • Limited Cleaning Time
  • Modular Design
  • Customizable Glovebag
  • Portable Dispensing Suite
  • Containment (5-0.01 µg/m3)
  • Small Footprint
MTS - Flexible Containment with Vaccum Conveyance

Fold-Down Table:

used for bags and small containers, folds out of the way forease of transport.


designed to help ergonomically position the Material Transfer Station.

Drum Tipper:

integrated Drum Tipper with Powered Drum Slide for easy dispensing.

Load Cells for Weighing:

integrated weighing with washdown load cells for cleanability.


non-marking rigid or swivel casters for GMP compliance.

Operator Controls:

wash down control pendant on articulating arm with momentary push button controls and optional weighing readout.

Disposal Port:

a liner is attached to be used to bag-out drum liners, zip ties, or other trash; can also be used to bag-in cleaning items or other materials.

Flexible Glovebag:

integrated flexible technology, achieves containment levels to 5-0.01 µg/m3.

HEPA Filter:

used to remove air from the bag for disposal after the batch is complete.

Vacuum Conveyance Transfer Module

Integrate closed transfer systems into Rheo equipment

Vacuum Conveyance Hopper

The Vacuum Conveyance Transfer Module uses a hopper to hold product before it is pulled away using a vacuum source for vacuum conveyance. For Open Transfer Containment, the integrated Rheo Ventilation Sleeve provides containment across the top of the transfer module opening while the bottom is connected to a vacuum hose. Using this process to provide containment has been documented to keep operator particle exposure to 100-10 µg/m3.

For difficult powders the hopper can integrate the Rheo proprietary Actively Managed Plug Prevention Technology (AMPP) to optimize the product conveyance throughput. AMMP is a controls and automation sequence that monitors the powder flow in the vacuum line and automatically activates flow aids when material begins to build up in the line.

Common Applications

  • Subsurface Vacuum Additions
  • Small Port Vacuum Additions
  • Dry Granulation
  • Wet Granulation
  • Blender Filling
  • Vessel Filling

Common applications for Material Transfer Station - Vacuum Conveyance With Flexible Glovebag

Integrated Weighing

The integrated weighing system provides a compact solution for the weighing and dispensing operation. The weighing module that holds the receiving container is isolated from the workstation to provide excellent weighing accuracy.

The typical integrated weighing system includes the following features:

  •     150 kg Weighing Capacity
  •     Mettler Toledo IND570 or IND560X Readout
  •     4x Mettler Toledo Load Cells
  •     Weigh Accuracy to +/- 50 grams (higher accuracy, low capacity options are available)
  •     Can be Integrated with Computer, PLC, or Printer

Drum Tipper

The integrated pneumatic Drum Tipper can be used to lift a wide variety of incoming containers and slide it towards the operator for easy dispensing into the receiving container. Pneumatic controls provide safe, controlled operation of the Material Transfer Station.

  • 150 kg Drum Capacity
  • Pneumatic Drive System (90 psig, 8 scfm Clean, Compressed Air)
  • Material of Construction: 304 Stainless Steel Frame Structure, 316 Stainless Steel Drum Cradle and Product Contact Surfaces

Integrated drum tipper from Rheo

Material Transfer Station by Rheo is engineered with operator centric design.

Operator Centric Design

By designing around an analysis of operator movements during the drum charging process, an unmatched level of safety, operating simplicity, and functionality is achieved. A drum can be raised, lowered, and tipped into the proper position by using a single hand or foot control. This approach to drum handling allows the operator to easily control the product flow during the entire charging process.  


All exposed surfaces on the Material Transfer Station can be fully washed-down for cleaning. Some configurations of the Material Transfer Station include WIP spray-ball systems to wash the product contact surfaces. 

Clean the entire Material Transfer Station

Testing Center

Powder handling can be a challenging process and there are many factors that lead to the optimal solution. We can handle the risk for you! Our Testing Center is equipped to test your materials, allowing us to design the best solution for your specific needs. We don’t just sell a product – we sell a solution.

We can utilize the Testing Center for process testing, powder flow testing, transfer rate testing, concentration testing, and containment performance verification.

Reach out to your Regional Sales Manager to discuss the testing of your next bulk powder handling project.