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Vacuum Conveyance System

[Patent Pending]

The Rheo Vacuum Conveyance System [Patent Pending] provides a safe, efficient, and contained means for transferring material using a vacuum source instead of relying on gravity. The Vacuum Conveyance System is ideal for transferring highly toxic or potentially explosive powders that are present in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries.

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Complete Powder Transfer System

Rheo can provide a complete Powder Transfer System which includes the following:

  • Rheo Material Transfer Station for safely transferring powder into a vacuum conveyance hopper.
  • Automated control system with a pedestal or wall-mounted HMI.
  • GMP Vacuum Receiver that is fully CIP capable.
  • Small additions powder addition system using Rheo Flexibles Single Use Bags and a SoliValveĀ®100 dosing valve.
  • Portable or stationary vacuum pump system.


Material Transfer Station

Control System

Vacuum Receiver

Rheo Flexibles Single Use Bag


Vacuum Pump System

used to pull product into the Vacuum Receiver. An electric or pneumatic vacuum pump can be provided or an alternative vacuum source can be used.

Easy Filter Change Out

The Rheo Vacuum Conveyance System Receiver has a side-entry filter change out that reduces receiver stack-up height and improves access. We also offer an optional safe-change filter option.

Easy Filter Changeout - Rheo Vacuum Conveyance System

Clean-in-Place: Rheo Vacuum Conveyance System

Clean in Place Design

The Rheo Vacuum Conveyance System has an integrated full-flush CIP system in the receiver head and can additionally be equipped with a retractable spray device to ensure coverage.

Product Testing

Rheo has extensive experience with the vacuum conveyance of numerous types of bulk solids, however every product is unique and needs to be tested using application-specific conditions to confirm the transfer rate.

  • Process verification testing at Rheo provides proof of concept testing for new projects.
  • The Rheo Testing Center has many powders on-hand in inventory as well as a testing performance database for reference.
  • Multiple vacuum line configurations, diameters, lengths, and heights are set-up in our Testing Center for a wide range of testing options.

Ancillary Products

Rheo Bag Transfer Station

MTS - Flexible Containment with Vaccum Conveyance

Rheo Material Transfer Station with Flexible Glovebag

MTS - Flexible Containment with Vacuum Conveyance

Rheo Material Transfer Station with
Rigid Isolator

  • Rheo MTS for safely transferring powder into vacuum conveyance hopper
  • Rigid Isolator with Nitrogen Purge System and CIP
  • Optional weighing system for pre-weighing into hopper prior to transfer

Contained Hand-Wanding System

Contained Hand-Wanding System

High-Throughput Powder Transfer System

Automated Drum Pack-Off System

Full Wash Down Capable: Rheo Vacuum Conveyance System

Wash Down Capable

All exposed surfaces on the Vacuum Conveyance System can be fully washed-down for cleaning.

Common Applications

  • Material Transfer Station
  • Bulk Bag Unloading Station
  • Vessel Charging
  • Milling
  • Blending
  • Weigh and Dispense
  • Drying