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Bin Blending

Bin blending offers many advantages when it comes to product blending during the formulation process. By using the transport container as the blender, there are fewer product transfers that have to occur. This simplifies the handling process resulting in safer operations, reduced dust exposure, improved manufacturing efficiencies, and easier cleaning methods.

Rheo in-house manufacturing allows our team to deliver fully customized bins and bin blending systems with the superior craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect, but with lead times that will fit your project schedule.

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Max Rotation Speed
20 RPM

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1000 kg

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Angle Offset
30 degrees

Bin Blender

Bins provide the unique opportunity to optimize process flow for many operations. The key advantages of using bin blending technologies is modularity, quality and increased output. The Rheo Bin Blender allows for the mating of multiple bin sizes. The quick docking and undocking of Bins allows for the Blender run at much higher OEE rates (a measure of blender uptime) than tradition fixed blenders. The system can also act as a material handling system with an integrated slewing column which can rotate the bin for a vertical powder transfer to the next process step or allow for in-line milling. As material handling is minimized so is the opportunity for segregation. Rheo can provide a fully integrated bin handling system that includes: filling, weighing blending, milling and handling for your materials.

Bin Lifter

The Rheo Bin Lifter is a robust machine that is designed to help operators safely lift, transport, and position Bins for discharge or storage.


Rheo offers a wide range of standard Bin (IBC) sizes in both square and round geometries. We can also create custom sizes to fit your application needs. Each Bin (IBC) is built to the highest quality and cGMP standards that our customers have come to expect from our team. These Bins are designed to meet the strictest cleanability standards with all surfaces accessible and no hollow or limited access sections on the structure. All welds meet the Rheo weld standard and can be finished to various specifications depending on the application.

Fixed Mount Bin Lifter

The Rheo Fixed Mount Bin Lifter is a bolt down design made for a permanent or semi-permanent installation into concrete or steel flooring. It loads the Bin (IBC) in one position and then rotates over the discharge point.